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Our story begins with a shared passion for animal care and a deep understanding of the needs of veterinary professionals. Founded by veterinarians for veterinarians, AmeriVet LLC are a leading veterinary supply company committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to support the vital work of animal healthcare providers in the Middle East & North Africa

Driven by our founders' firsthand experience in the field, we recognized the challenges veterinarians face in sourcing reliable and superior veterinary products. We set out on a mission to bridge this gap by establishing a company that not only understands the unique demands of veterinary care but also provides access to a comprehensive range of top-notch veterinary supplies.

  • Our Mission

    Our primary aim from the start has been to ensure that our fellow veterinarians have access to the best tools, medicines, and equipment necessary to provide optimal care for their patients. We believe that by equipping veterinary clinics and hospitals with high-quality products, we contribute to raising the standard of veterinary care and promoting the well-being of animals.

    We have cultivated deep relationships with renowned manufacturers who share our commitment to excellence in veterinary care in th US and other parts of the world. Through these partnerships, we curate a diverse and expansive product portfolio that covers pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments and equipment, diagnostic tools, consumables, and nutraceuticals.

    In addition to sourcing and supplying exemplary veterinary products, we prioritize exceptional customer service. Our team understands the time-sensitive nature of veterinary practice and the critical need for prompt, accurate, and reliable service. We take pride in delivering seamless order processing, efficient logistics, and personalized support to veterinarians, ensuring they can focus on what they do best—caring for animals.

  • Our Vision

    As a company founded by veterinarians, we value continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We actively engage and collaborate with the veterinary community, participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine. This allows us to provide informed advice, insights, and training opportunities to our valued customers, empowering them to enhance their veterinary practice.

    Ultimately, our success is measured by the success of the veterinary professionals we serve. We are motivated by the satisfaction and trust we earn from our partners in animal care as we work together to improve the lives of animals and strengthen the broader veterinary community.

    Thank you for choosing AMERIVET LLC. We look forward to continuing our journey with you and supporting your commitment to exceptional veterinary care.

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The Best Team Available

The Best Team Available

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