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Olympic Elite Exam Lift Table™


The Olympic Elite Exam Lift Table™ makes every exam room more efficient and welcoming.

Improve patient care and save time on every examination

  • The electric lift provides perfect patient presentation for large and small animals, and the patient can be raised or lowered during the exam for better visualization and minor treatment.
  • In addition to height adjustment, the free-standing Elite Table provides complete access to the patient from all 4 sides for more thorough exams.

Create a patient friendly, fear-free environment

  • The warm feeling Corian® top is non-slip and non-reflective, so your patients can stand comfortably and calmly during an exam.
  • The built-in precision scale with 0.1 pound accuracy means no more awkward weighing in the lobby, reducing patient anxiety.

Offers a cleaner, safer experience for staff and clients

  • With the Elite Exam Lift Table you no longer have to lift a heavy dog, risking injury for your staff. Complies with ergonomic standards.
  • For added safety and cleanliness, the electric lift column is fully enclosed. No more pinch hazards for fingers and tails.

Adapts to changing procedural needs throughout the day

  • The Elite Exam Lift includes drop-in sockets that support an Equipment Shelf and a choice of Olympic accessories including: An LED Exam light, laptop tray, instrument tray or IV Pole.
  • All accessories can be removed for full 360 patient access or can be added at any time during an examination to transform the table into a full-service treatment table, eliminating the need to transport a patient out of the exam room for minor procedures.

The Elite Exam Lift Table provides full 360 degree patient access

Weight averaging provides a quick and accurate weight every time – even with active patients

Fully customizable in seconds with choice of Olympic accessories