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Samsung®RS85 Prestige® Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


The Real RevolutionRS85 Prestige has been revolutionized with novel diagnostic features across each application based on the preeminent imaging performance. The advanced intellectual technologies are to help you confirm withconfidence for challenging cases, while the easy-to-use system supports your effort involved in the routine scanning.

Sophisticated 2D Image ProcessingShadowHDR™, HQ-Vision™, PureVision™, S-Harmonic™, ClearVision, MultiVision

Detailed Expression of Blood Flow DynamicsMV-Flow™ ¹, S-Flow™, LumiFlow™ ¹ , CEUS+¹

Enriched Diagnostic Features & Interventional SolutionsElastoScan™ ¹², S-Shearwave™ ¹, S-Shearwave Imaging™ ¹, Strain+¹, Panoramic+, NeedleMate™

Enhanced Productivity and Facilitated WorkflowEzExam+™, EzPrep™, QuickScan™, QuickPreset, Touch Customization, Sonosync™ ³

Ergodynamics for Your Comfort6 Way Control Panel, Central Lock, Maneuverable Wheel, Gel Warmer, 23.8-inch LCD Monitor, 14-inch Tilting Touch Screen

Comprehensive selection of transducers

Curved array transducers

  • CA1-7S*
  • CA1-7A
  • CA3-10A
  • CA2-8A
  • CA4-10M*

Linear array transducers

  • LM2-18
  • LA2-14A
  • LA2-9S*
  • LA2-9A
  • LA3-16A
  • LA4-18A*
  • LM4-15B
  • LA3-22AI

Phased array transducers

  • PA1-5A*
  • PA3-8B
  • PA4-12B

* Ergonomic transducer

These transducers have a newly designed ergonomic hand-grip and better weight distribution for comfortable scanning.